Monday, October 26, 2009


by Brian, the old man


Is a crime

Causing regrets

And stealing time.

I ponder how

My world might be

If Procrastination

Had set me free.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Good Morning Flower

This poem was inspired by the above picture which was offered by friend Carrie at Prompt Romp. Thanks Carrie for the inspiration.

Good Morning Flower
By Brian, the old man

Flower bright how are you
On this early morn?
Opening petals as to greet me,
Do you feel forlorn?

Are you lonely, ever waiting
For hummingbirds and bees?
Do you notice me approaching
Falling down upon my knees?

How refreshed do you feel
With the morning dew?
Does the sun bring you gladness
Shining down on you?

Do you know of your beauty?
Do you feel vain?
Or are you humble, meek and modest
Feeling sorrow and in pain?

If you find you’re unhappy
And you’re feeling sad
Know that I find you lovely
Your beauty makes me glad.

I can see from your petals
As they open wide
Your love and care for the world
You should be filled with pride.

Your scent’s appealing, your color vibrant
You brighten up my day
Don’t you worry, the birds and bees
Will soon be by to play.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Birthday Wishes for Mom

Birthday Wishes for Mom
By Brian, the old man

Today is my mother’s birthday
I honor her with this rhyme
She gives me all of her love
And always has the time

When I’m down she cheers me up
In good times she does share
My mom is so supportive
She gives me love and care

As a child we’d play for hours
Give comfort when I was ill
Help me with my schoolwork
She made those years a thrill

When I had reached my teens
I made her life so down
I wish I could amend those years
And not act like a clown

Now I’m all grown up
Though problems still arise
She makes my life so happy
She truly is a prize

As I’m getting older
I miss her more each day
I want to spend more time with her
But she lives far away

So now I’m moving closer
To regain the family life
So we can share more birthdays
And cut cake with a knife

She says she’s twenty-nine today
I’m sure that this is true
I don’t know why I’m older
Hey Mom, know I Love You!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Fall or Autumn

F alling leaves are on the ground
A nd when we walk they make a sound
L ots of them to make some big piles
L eaves of colors go on for miles

O ld rakes are used to gather the lot
R unning, jumping to hit the right spot

A ll around we have lots of fun

U nder the pile I find my son

T ogether we rake them back up once more

U ntil it’s time to go to the store

M y day has been blessed, we sure had a ball

N o time is quite like Autumn or Fall
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