Sunday, May 9, 2010

Everyday should be Mother’s Day

Everyday should be Mother’s Day
by Brian Russell
the old man

Once a year is not enough
To honor you with mushy stuff
Even Hugs and Kisses are far too few
To show the love I have for you

I could fly to the moon and back
And ride on every railroad track
I’ll never find the perfect treasure
To show my love and bring you pleasure

Jewelry, candy, plants and more
And everything inside the store
My love could not be shown by things
Not even small cute figurines

Poems and pots of violets of blue
Cards made by hand just for you
Everything I have in mind
Could never measure the love I find

You’ve given me so much more
Than what could be found in any store
Filling my life with hope and love
And teaching me of the Lord above

For no matter what I say or do
The love inside I have for you
Could never be shown in just one day
That’s why Everyday should be Mother’s Day
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