Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Burger, a Dog, the Legs of a Frog

You can love...

a burger, a dog, the legs of a frog
a train, or a plane, or a mid-summer's rain
a snail, a pail or a puppy dog's tail
a cat, or a bat, and a rat a tat tat
a page, a cage, or even some sage
a truck, a duck, an ol' hockey puck
a shirt, some dirt, and an old man that blurts
a ball, a hall, and somethings that's small
a pan, a fan, or getting a tan
a kite, a fright, a brisk autumn night
a rose, a hose and even a nose
a bed, a thread, a wagon that's red
a gate, a crate, a rink to go skate
a bin, a chin, a sinister grin
a skit, a pit, or even to spit
a den, a pen, an ol' big fat hen
a bet, a jet, something that's wet
a bell, a well, even a smell
a show, some snow, a dim candle glow
a hound, a sound, kissing the ground
a cake, a rake, a slimy ol' snake
a chair, a fair and somethng to wear
a snack, a rack, even a yak
a sub, a rub, a tub you can scrub
a bun, a run, something well done
a cot, a pot, even a dot
a cap, a map, an afternoon nap
a hand, a land, and your favorite band
a ring, to sing, or any ol' thing

But the love that I found comes from Him up on High
If you need proof, look up to the sky
He pours out His grace and His love to us all
God sent His own Son to answer our call

Well I know that it's true we all love some treasures
But I tell you right now there is greater pleasure
Make a friend of His Son and live in His will
God will save you today 'cause Christ paid the bill

I know we all sin it's a terrible thing
But Christ came to save us just give Him a ring
Ask for forgiveness and He'll send His grace
Blessings and Love for the whole human race

And though there are times of struggle and strife
Open your heart and put Him in your life
He'll carry you along, give comfort and love
And one day we'll join Him in Heaven above.

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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Devotion

Easter Devotion
by Brian Russell

H ow could You send Your Son for me

A nd sacrifice Him on that tree

P unish Him for things that I would do

P oured out His blood to make me new

Y ou sent Him to take away my sin

E very day I breathe I think of Him

A nd all the pain that He went through

S uffering as He walked and beaten blue

T oday I Thank You for all You’ve done

E mbracing me by giving Your Son

R edeeming the world through grace and love

Raising Him from the dead, He joined You above

Thank You Lord

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Vibrant Fire

Vibrant Fire
by Brian Russell

Branches flaming hot
Alive you crackle and glow
Soothing weary souls
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