Wednesday, September 30, 2009


by Brian, the old man

Feathered, Black
Waking, Sitting, Singing
Majestically sharing morning sky

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Alone at Sunset

Alone at Sunset
By Brian, the old man

As I sit beside the ocean’s shore
And watch the setting sun
I ponder things about my life
Am I the only one?

Not a soul in sight that I can see
I sit here all alone
The emptiness of God’s green earth
Not a thing to hear me moan.

What can I do to make me whole
And make things seem alright
I turn to God and cry to Him
Why can’t You see my plight?

I know it’s wrong to question You
About these things I fear
Help me let go and trust in You
Give you the wheel to steer.

I look upon the setting sun
In awe of Your great scene
The colors are so beautiful
The water looks so clean

You help me know, You’re there with me
My faith grows more each day
I give to You my heart and soul
For All these things, I pray.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Treasure Along the Beach

Treasure Along the Beach
by Brian, the old man

As I search for treasure
Along the ocean shore
I run across a bottle
I hoped for something more

It looks so old and dirty
And has a simple form
I wonder where it came from
When dragged in from the storm

I wonder if a pirate
Had used it for his rum
Or placed a map within it
Pointing to a king’s ransom

I try to see inside it
The glass is full of fog
Could be from a lost sailor
Got hung up in the bog

Or maybe if I clean it
From swimming with the fish
I will find a genie
To grant my every wish

My fantasy is over
I’ll set it on my shelf
The skull looks good next to it
If I do say so myself

Thanks to my friend Carrie at Prompt Romp for inspiring me with the Image from Wikipedia Commons above.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Monday Morning Misery

Monday Morning Misery
by Brian, the old man

Oh where, oh where
Is my coffee pot?
I look everywhere
And I find it not

It couldn’t have flown
Or walked away
Why oh why
How could it stray?

I know that I left it
And cleaned it out
I just can’t find it
I’m about to shout

I have to get ready
Or I will be late
But I need my coffee
Oh such is my fate

There you are
How’d you get there?
Under the table
On top of the chair

Now where are the filters?
Oh this can’t be true
Forgot to buy them
Now I’m so blue

Maybe I should
Just crawl back in bed
Tuck under the covers
And lie down my head

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Another Late Night on the Net

Another Late Night on the Net
By Brian, the old man

Late nights on the Net

I’ll never regret

But I am so tired

I’m no longer wired

Looking at links

But everything stinks

Tried recipes for food

I’m not in the mood

For the links that I click

Are making me sick

Gave Facebook a try

Naught a thing caught my eye

Had Twitter in sight

It’s too slow tonight

Thought I’d read mail

But found no good tale

Then thought I would look

To find a good book

Though nothing I see

Looks worth it to me

I’ll just go to bed

And lie down my head

To dream and to soar

And have a good snore

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Hop on Over, I'll Be There for You

Hop on Over, I'll Be There for You
By Brian, the old man

Bunny Hop
Bunny Go
Along the trail
Off to the show

He hears a sound
Stops on the trail
He hops some more
Into a pail

He is so fat
And round you see
He can't get out
Needs help from me

I gently push
the bucket over
He hops right out
Into the clover

He looks once more
As if to say
Thanks my friend
You made my day

I sit and think
He's fat like me
Glad for friends
To set him free

Friends give me hope
Support my goal
To lose the weight
And make me whole

Like my friends
You make me think
To eat healthy
Watch what I drink

Bunny hop
Bunny go
Thanks my friend
Enjoy the show
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